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I’m on the look out for full-time positions

George Shapter

Product Designer

I’m a designer based in New York, originally from London.

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About Me

I’ve been designing products for 9 years. I was most recently head of product & design at Papier, a high-growth D2C startup in London. Before that, I co-founded Qip Creative, a product design agency.

I’ve led cross-functional product teams and worked hands-on across a range of disciplines including product management, research, and design.

Recently, I moved to New York where I live with my wife and a small blind dog, Bean. When I’m not making stuff for the web, I’m painting in my studio.

A photo of me looking swag. This is actually from 2015 - the before times.
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Previous Work: Papier

Papier is a direct-to-consumer personalized stationery company.

I joined the founding team and spent 5 years leading product and design. During this time I launched a range of consumer-facing experiences that helped grow a Papier into a multi-platform, multi-store, multi-million-dollar business.

A photo of me looking swag. This is actually from 2015 - the before times.

Case Studies

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Previous Work: Qip

In 2012 I co-founded Qip Creative, a product design and development consultancy. I was responsible for design, in addition to new business development, finance, hiring, and managing our client relationships.

Qip provided services including brand design, product strategy, design sprints, UX/UI design and software development. We worked with early stage startups and internationally known organizations, often in the e-commerce and the culture sectors.

Selected Work



I designed the Jukedeck’s visual identity and marketing website, as well as the front-end to their AI-powered music generation software. The company was aquired by TikTok in 2019.


The Globe Player

Qip designed and built the Globe Player for web and iOS. The first streaming service ever offered by a theatre, it was described in the press as "A video on demand masterclass."


London Architecture Guide

The Architecture Foundation approached us to make an iOS version of the classic book, A Guide To The Architecture Of London.

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Outside of my day job I make drawings and oil paintings. Below are a few recent pieces.