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Papier Cards for iOS


A revenue-boosting mobile app for sending greeting cards quickly and often


How might we increase the repeat purchase rate of greeting card customers?


A new native mobile experience built around speed and self-imposed reminders.


158% increase in repeate rates vs. customers using the website.


Product design, research, product management.


In 2018, Papier sold three main product categories: stationery, wedding invitations and greeting cards. The website was designed to help wedding organizers and stationery lovers make high-value purchases. But greeting card customers were a different story: Papier needed them to make regular, small purchases.

I decided to build an MVP mobile app focused exclusively on sending greeting cards, and test this new experience with our users. The strategy was to build a retention loop:

This new product would increase repeat rates by simplifying the browsing experience, and encouraging customers to remind themselves of future purchases.

The initial user journey map

Creating Reminders

Along with a focus on sending cards quickly, the other key part of my retention strategy relied on self-generated reminders. Customers would be prompted to create reminders for annual events - birthdays, anniversaries, etc. at key moments in the flow.

Simplifying The Experience

Our customers wanted to find and send greeting cards quickly, and the app was designed to streamline the browsing and buying process when compared to the existing Papier website.

Product detail pages on the website contained a bunch of ancillary content and information. Great for complex items, not so useful for the humble greeting card.

With the app, we were able to focus purely on the card design – the key decision – and give more prominence to the call to action button.

Papier already had a web-based text editor for personalizing messages inside greeting cards, but re-writing this in Swift for iOS would have been complex and time-consuming. Text styling was just one of the features that we radically simplified when building the mobile app.

The mobile web editor (C.2018). Powerful tools - great for obessing over the typesetting of your wedding invites, but overkill for a quick greeting card message.

With the app, we did away with the pre-existing message and the text styling options. Instead, tapping the 'customize' button threw users straight into the message writing step.

Moving Fast

Papier was still a small startup, and we were low on time and people - so this idea needed to be validated fast.

We gathered a list of existing customers and new users, and as we released Testflight versions, we conducted interviews and gathered feedback to inform a process of quick iterations.

UI & Interaction Design

To save time for the engineers, I opted to stick fairly closely to the iOS human interface guidelines, spacing and UI patterns.

The palette is from the Papier design system and is meant to take a backseat and let the greeting card designs do the talking.

I produced a set of custom icons and prototyped all the animations in Framer using coffeescript, working with our iOS engineer until we were all happy with the results.


A month after launching, Papier Cards was featured as App of The Day on the App Store. Repeat rates for greeting card customers using the app was 158% higher than those who bought via the website. Customers were overwhelmingly happy with the experience, despite the limited range and customization features.