Qip Creative

In 2012 I co-founded Qip Creative, a product design and development consultancy. I was responsible for design, in addition to new business development, finance, hiring, and managing our client relationships.

Qip provided services including brand design, product strategy, design sprints, UX/UI design and software development. We worked with early stage startups and internationally known organizations, often in the e-commerce and the culture sectors. My favourite projects offered the chance to combine our knowledge of both areas.

Below you can find a selection of some of the work completed during my time working on Qip.

Selected work

Architecture guide app designs

A Guide to the Architecture of London


The Architecture Foundation approached us to make an iOS version of A Guide To The Architecture Of London, by then in its 6th edition.

Globe Player designs

The Globe Player


Qip designed and built the Globe Player for web and iOS. The first streaming service ever offered by a theatre, it was described in the press as "A video on demand masterclass"

ELFy app designs

ELFy Apps


ELFy – the friendly helper in your pocket – is a simple medication reminder app for iOS and Android. The simple UI helps people with long-term health conditions to stay safe.

MobiCity and Yatango designs

MobiCity/Yatango Shopping


We redesigned MobiCity as one of the first fully responsive large scale e-commerce sites, leading to acquisition by Yatango. We then designed & launched Yatango Shopping in 2014.

The Qip Creative homepage, c.2015:

The Qip Creative homepage, c.2015