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Digital Wedding Tools


Guest list management, e-vites and RSVP collection for wedding organizers


A gap in Papier’s offering meant wedding customers were going elsewhere for digital invites.


A whole new set of online wedding tools for organization and beautiful communication.


Good traction from early users. Then UK goes into lockdown the week of product launch...


Product design lead, product strategy, research, project management.


Four years after launching Papier, 10% of UK weddings were using our printed invitations. However, there were other trends emerging...

More and more, customers were beginning to send save the dates and gather guest RSVPs online. But too often the tools being used were underwhelming: plain emails, ugly ad-ridden templates, complex website builders.

There was an opportunity to step into this gap. I proposed we provide a way for wedding organizers to communicate with, and collect info from, their guests online using designs that matched their Papier wedding stationery.

I led a cross-functional team on this project, bringing together commercial, customer service, creative design, and my own product design teams to deliver Papier’s first software product.


While our commercial team conducted exhaustive competitor analysis. I led a series of in-depth interviews. The insights we gathered would provide a north star for the project, and we would refer back to them often.

We created a user journey map, laying out major wedding planning events and decisions. This helped the team contextualize the Jobs we were solving for, and later proved useful to our marketing team when it came to communicating the value proposition to our existing users at various stages in the customer lifecycle.

I believe the most valuable insights come from people who are actually using your product. So, armed with just enough research, it was important that we produce something we could ship to users and learn from quickly.

Onboarding New Wedding Organizers

The tool we were building was only valuable once a user had created a guest list, so adding guests was a vital part of onboarding. Our research told us that wedding organizers often had their own guests stored in spreadsheets already, so we made the option of uploading a spreadsheet a priority.

Message Creation

Users would be able to create pages that they could share with guests via email or a sharable link. The wedding organizers could choose a design at this point - one that matched their printed Papier stationery. These pages could become a save the date message, a request for mailing address, or a detailed multi-question RSVP form.

The Guest Experience

Organizers would be able to share their messages in two ways: email, and a sharable link. The link in each email sent was specifically tied to that guest, but a 'public' link would be accessed by anybody. As a result we built a guest identification system - after clicking the link, a guest would have to type their own name in, which would allow them to submit RSVP replies.

Design: Wedding Organizers

For the organizers my team and I stuck to the Papier UI design system, with some friendly illustrations to warm up the initial onboarding steps and empty states.

Design: Guests

The guests would have a more colorful experience, one chosen by the organizer and based on Papier's physical stationery designs. As part of this project I designed an internal tool and a template system with which our Creative team could create ‘messages’ that matched our paper range.


Papier's Digital Wedding Tools launched right around the time Covid-19 hit. Wedding events across the globe were cancelled indefinitely and Papier changed strategy to focus on stationery products instead. Development and marketing was paused for this project.

The product saw over a thousand sign-ups within the first few months, which provided valuable feedback and opportunities to adjust and improve the offering. Papier now has a strong, unique initial digital offering, ready for when wedding events return.